Some cool Facts about Bingo

Below are some facts collected about Bingo.

* Bingo was played by the Romans and was recorded as a children’s game under the name of Lotto in 1778.
 * Bingo was popular in the early 1900s, but was properly established by American toy salesman Edwin S. Lowe in 1929.
* Commercial bingo first exploded onto the scene in the UK in the 1960s.
* More than three million people play bingo regularly in the UK.
* The National Bingo Game is the second largest computer-controlled game in the UK.
* Around 500 clubs link together to play the National Game every day, except Christmas Day.
* There are 688 licensed bingo clubs in the UK.
* Eight per cent of the population play bingo - 10% of all women and 5% of all men.
* There are approximately 20,000 people employed in the bingo industry.
* The UK’s biggest bingo win was £950,000 on Sunday 22 December 2002.
* Total prize money won since the National Bingo Game started in 1986 presently stands at £725,179,338.
* Celebrities love bingo! Denise Van Outen is a big bingo fan, as are Catherine Zeta Jones and Robbie Williams.
* The most common reasons for playing bingo are because it’s fun, it offers companionship and the chance to socialise.

Thanks to BBC for these.