Bingo Lingo

AFAIK As far as I know
AFK Away from keyboard
ASAP  As soon as possible
BBL Be back later
BLNT  Better luck next time
CYAL8R See ya later
EMSG  Email
FYI For your information 
GG Good game
GLE1 Good luck everyone
GN Goodnight
GTSY Good/Glad to see you
HB Hurry Back 
IC I see 
JK Just kidding / joking
KIT Keep in touch
L8R Later
LOL Laugh out loud
LMAO Laughing my a** off
LTNC Long time no see
LY Love you 
PMSL P***ing myself laughing
OIC Oh, I see
ROFL Rolling on floor laughing
PPL People
SRY Sorry
SWL Screaming with laughter
SYS See you soon
TC Take care 
TOU Thinking of you
TTFN Tata for now
TTYL Talk to you later
TX Thanks
TY Thank you 
WB Welcome Back 
WD Well done 
WTG Way to go
YVW You’re very welcome
3TG Three to go
2TG Two to go
1TG One to go
AOYP Angels on your pillow